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About Us


JaMmed was founded on September 11th 2017
JaMmed is owned and operated by the dynamic Partnership of experienced mechanic Mark Chipping and his wife, lifelong designer Jewelz

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Mark is a fully qualified mechanic who has been in the automotive trade for most of his life, carrying on his father's work of almost 40 years whom he worked with for over 10 here at our Chessington Garage, working on and driving everything from timeless classics through good little runners to modern high end sports cars until sadly Paul retired, then passed on

Mark has built a few custom bikes over the years which have appeared in shows, online and in the press. Although extremely humble, he has worked on bikes ridden by celebrities used in large brand T.V advertising and even won the British round of the world Streetfighter championships in 2011

He has an extrordinarily unique amount of knowledge when it comes to cars and motorcycles, making him a fountain of useful information and solid foundation for advice

Riding (and bunny hopping anything with 2 wheels) since the age of 4 he has had the off-road childhood many of us can only dream of and learned to maintain cars and bikes from a very tender age

With 12 years previous experience of working specifically in the motorcycle industry he has had the incredible opportunity to ride 100's of bikes, working on all types ranging from Scooters through Cruisers and to Sports bikes of all power levels

He's been a scooter riding courier, worked for over a year on Harleys, been on a week long tour of Italy on a Ducati and been around a track or 5 including Portimao with his glamorous tyre warming assisstant...!


His passion is making the mundane look beautiful...and hiding unsightly wiring!


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Despite living life with an amount of Trauma & PTSD Jewelz is an award winning entrepreneur and multi-talented designer who will take your thoughts and ideas and along with Mark, turn them into bespoke creations

Spending most of her life helping people and advocating for children with additional needs, she hasn't quite managed to find the time to go off-roading and zooming around racetracks...until recently...!

Instead, she took to learning everything she could about people, art, the rock n roll lifestyle, guitars and how to be happy - teaching everyone to enjoy the little things, go out there and live their truest lives

Being a partner of the business (since meeting Mark and being a Fitter at a well-known high street automotive retailer) has been the biggest chance she's ever had to live around her passions


Mainly responsible for designing/creating most things you will see connected to JaMmed, her main role now is more behind the scenes doing admin and marketing...still around to assist on the practical side especially on restorations (and jobs involving decals!), strategising alternative ideas/solutions and enjoying discussing life with customers while they wait

Between them they have 3 awesome children with additional needs, who have taught them on their tough adventures to live life to the full

You can also expect to meet their 2 rescue dogs on occasion - Lilo  who has anxiety issues from being left alone - and Starbug an ex street dog rescued from a killing station in Hungary. Both can create some noise, but are just very excited to meet everybody!

We usually have them in the office and can ensure they are when you visit if requested ;)

Mark & Jewelz love to get out on their bikes and have a passion for rock/metal music, tattoos, piercings and despite all the barriers, are living the life they never thought possible - working around their incredible children (and animals!), with the person they love, doing the jobs they love and helping people along the way

There's just one thing missing...YOU!

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